Rajan Kamahl: Composer & Occasional Sound Designer


Born in Sydney Australia, Rajan was drawn to music at an early age. 

Beginning with piano lessons, then violin and saxophone, his curiosity lead him to a fascination with 

synthesizers and computer based music technology.

After forming various bands and spending school holidays at Fairlight

(the pioneering Australian company that developed the first digital samplers) 

his musical life lead him to tour with artists such as

Dragon, Jenny Morris, Ross Wilson, Kevin Borich, Margaret Urlich,

Tommy Emmanuel and Kylie Minogue.

This eventually lead to studio work, and the enigmatic world of “music for television”…

Within a few years years, Rajan had created music for shows such as

“Water Rats” “Channel 10 News” and advertising clients such as “Coca-Cola” 

“McDonalds” “KFC” “Pepsi” “Ford“ “Citroen” “Sony” “Nike” and “2MMM FM” 

Looking to broaden his musical horizons, he landed a scholarship in LA,

studying under legendary composer, Mike Post 

whose credits include some of televisions best known themes

(“L.A. Law”, “NYPD Blue”, “Law & Order” and “Hill Street Blues”)

In the years since his return to Sydney, he has expanded his cache of work to include everything from 

video games (“The Adventures of Superman” 2003-2004 & “Xena :Warrior Princess - Death in Chains” ) , 

to documentaries ( “Outback Wildlife Rescue” 2008, “Anzac Battlefields” 2015, “The Price of Empire” 2016 )  

and feature films.

Whether it’s the joy of childbirth (From Here to Maternity 2007-2008) , 

the heartbreak of love in the face of racism ( “Wurinyan"  screening at this year’s Cannes Film Festival)

the horrors of Australia’s worst serial killers (“Beyond the Darklands” 2009 ) 

or the story of a Grumpy Old Man who can’t see how perfect his life really is (“The View From Greenhaven”) 

Rajan has always strived to bring a unique and memorable musical character to whatever he works on.

His most recent feature film is “Missing William” starring Brandon Routh 

(Superman Returns, Arrow, Scott Pilgrim vs The World ) 

and was the most popular film on Netfilx (USA) upon it’s release.

His list of works include:

"The Price of Empire”

Series 2016


Short Film 2015

"Anzac Battlefields”

Series 2015

“Missing William”

Feature 2014

“Please Marry My Boy”

Series 2012


Series 2010-2012

“Bush Slam”

Series 2010

“Beyond The Darklands”

Series 2009

"The View From Greenhaven"

Feature 2008

“Outback Wildlife Rescue”

Series 2008

“From Here To Maternity”

Series 2007-2008


Series 2008

“Uncorked with Stuart McGill”

Series 2007-2008

“RPM - Ten Motorsports”

Theme 2007

"A Divided Heart"

Movie 2006

"Project GreenLight Australia"

Series 2005-2006

“Lyndal’s LifeLine” Documentary

Series 2005-2006

“The Adventures Of Superman”

Video Game 2003-2004

Production Music

Zomba / Sonic Ozault

TV Commercials

Nintendo, Jim Beam, Holeproof, Yellow Pages, Citibank (Asia)

Suzuki, Toyota (Japan), Nissan (Japan) Holden...

(lost count…really)

Promos & Station ID’s

CH10, CH9, CH7,

Fox 8, Movie Network,

Showtime, Comedy Channel, Greater Union,..

to name a few …

Contact Details

email: rajan_kamahl@mac.com

mobile: +61 (0) 414 327 543